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Denis Mujovic
Music video by Kabaalkan performing \"Letnja Terasa\" EP \"Give Mi Jimmy\" released May 2011 recorderd at Studio Moskou, Utrecht, 12/30-7-2009 Directed and written by Marieta Petchanska Camera operator - Petar Bonin Grip - Juan Rúa Diaz Editing - Marieta Petchanska New Ground Productions Produced by Denis Mujovic Filming location: Varna, Bulgaria Shot in HD, May 2011 Kabaalkan: MiÅ¡a LazoviÄ‹ -- vocals, guitar BoÅ¡ko KatiÄ‹ - bass Tihomir KatiÄ‹ -- keys Atko Slatina - guitar Samir Khelifi - drums For more info and songs visit us on: www.facebook.com Biography Formed in 2008, as event band for Kako Da Ne, Balkan Music Event in ACU Utrecht. After some band changes, in 2009 Kabaalkan recorded their first demo \"Give Mi Jimmy\". In 2009 they appeared in feature film \"Joy\", and the film won the prize of best Dutch film in 2010. Thanx to us?, well we will never know it ;) After some gigs, guys took it easy, tuned out, and packed up their instruments. Well, its 2011 already. Lets take one more time the instuments out, lets tune, and bring the vibe back out! Kabaalkan are from Utrecht / Holland Booking agent: Denis Mujovic: [email protected] Press contact: New Ground Productions Denis Mujovic: [email protected]