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Boek Tegen de Stroom van zoon Gerrit Jan Heijn wordt verfilmd als televisieserie The debut novel "Against the Current" by Dennis Heijn, son of former Ahold CEO Gerrit Jan Heijn, is being adapted into a series. The story follows four friends who kidnap the son of an oil company...
Matthijs van Heijningen over zijn carrière Matthijs van Heijningen Sr., an influential extra in the Dutch film industry, reflects on his 45-year career. He produced more than forty films, including successes such as "Ciske de Rat". Van...
Feestelijke lancering Studio Caribe op Curaçao en Aruba Studio Caribe has been officially launched in Curaçao and Aruba, an initiative of the Film Fund to support filmmakers from the Caribbean part of the Kingdom. The aim is to develop the talents of...

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Sony FE PZ 28-135mm f/4.0 G OSS zgn te koop / / 29 mrt
Ose Casting nieuws / / 27 mrt

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Olivia Buning(image) researcher, producer
Emma Westermanndirection, script of documentary and commissioned film
Renate Bergsmafootage, image researcher, ckearing rights, camjo