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Kim van Kooten wint Kees Holierhoek Scenarioprijs 2023 Kim van Kooten has won the Kees Holierhoek Screenplay Prize 2023 for her work on the TV drama series "The Terrible Eighties". The series, broadcast by VPRO in 2022, was praised for its original and...
In Memoriam Burny Bos Burny Bos, the grandfather of Dutch youth films, has died. He produced well-known children's series such as "My French Aunt Gazeuse" and "Otje" and wrote forty children's books. Bos received several...
Film- en televisieproducent Burny Bos (1944 -2023) had een hekel aan brave kindertelevisie Burny Bos, the well-known screenwriter, producer and children's book author, has passed away. He was at the origin of legendary youth programs and films such as 'Ko de forestershow', 'Rembo & Rembo',...

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Olivia Buning(image) researcher, producer
Emma Westermanndirection, script of documentary and commissioned film
Renate Bergsmafootage, image researcher, ckearing rights, camjo