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INT. BUREAU - TREATMENTS In the fourth installment of the column series on screenwriting, Brian De Vore and Marc Veerkamp discuss the pros and cons of writing treatments. Brian is enthusiastic about writing treatments...
Drie internationale coproducties met Nederlands aandeel geselecteerd voor Filmfonds bijdrage The Film Fund has selected three international feature films for a contribution, in which the Netherlands has a substantial creative and technical contribution. The films are Two Prosecutors, Armand...
Dit zijn de winnende dansfilms van Cinedans 2023 Cinedans FEST '23 has announced the winners of the dance film competition. The Student Award went to Shells, directed by Marie-Magdalena Kochová and made at FAMU Prague. The Audience Award for best...

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Olivia Buning(image) researcher, producer
Emma Westermanndirection, script of documentary and commissioned film
Renate Bergsmafootage, image researcher, ckearing rights, camjo