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my companies


Documentary, Internet film, Animation, Experimental

Esther Neeleman

keywords: audiovisual, motiondesign, camera activities

My company is called; HORSEinMOTION. I specialize in visual media, motion design (2D and 3D) and graphic design.
I have a lot of experience in making animations.


Due to my graphic and audiovisual background, I have many different clients and assignments. I work for both profit and non-profit organizations.
Some of my clients
- RAI Amsterdam (including RAI Live, METS)
- Team of Maanen Live Communication
- Van Nelle Factory, 100% Design
- The Multimedia Event (icw Future2Motion)
- Utrecht Center for the Arts
- The Singing Tower Foundation
HORSEinMOTION offers you contemporary design in the field of audiovisual and graphic design. Due to the broad knowledge in the field of graphic, motion design, photography and web design, a completely individual style can be designed for your company.

Horse in Motion is a company focused on the communicative effect of image and sound. In your daily life you often come into contact with moving images such as commercials, websites, films and video.

Due to the increasing visualization, it is now also possible for your company to achieve this.
Ik heb de beschikking over een eigen camera Sony HDV Z7E, en een Montagestudio (MacPro en FCP)
hardware kennis
Apple OSX
software kennis
Apple OSX
Apple - Final Cut 6 Soundtrack Pro, Motion, DVD Studio Pro
Adobe - Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Premiere, AfterEffects Dreamweaver, Flash
Maxon- Cinema 4D
DAZ/Bryce 6
Quark - Quark XPress
MicroSoft - Word, Exel, PowerPoint
ArKaos VJ
Modul8 VJ