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Broadcast Media Training

Claudia Pakkend Media

Are you looking for a unique media training with an opportunity to participate in a real television program? Then the new Broadcast Media Training in Hilversum is the place to be. From Tuesday, May 30, 2023 to Tuesday, July 18, 2023, we will introduce you to everything that has to do with this beautiful profession. This training introduces you to all important facets of the television profession in eight half-days. From production, directing, sound, camera to presentation. Together we produce a fictional television program. Every participant who has completed these eight training days will receive a certificate of participation from us. After this training you will be able to work within an experienced team on small to medium-sized TV productions. The training is given in the studios of Pakkend Media Productions and in the large studio of Broadcast Events, both located at Franciscusweg 277 in Hilversum. There is room for eight participants. Everyone is welcome, regardless of age or experience.


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Datum: 30-05-2023
Verloopt op: 18-07-2023
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