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Goedkope opslagruimte voor art en/of kleding

Lisanne den Ouden

Hi everyone, Bas and I now share an art and clothing store in Amsterdam West. We now have 20m2 but it is really too small and we would like to expand. That's why we're looking for at least 3 nice people who don't have a raise but want to make it a little easier for themselves! We have everything and more: very handy clothing basics, from crockery to fake plants and from Christmas items to children's toys. Please come and have a look if you are interested.

The plan: you pay € 100 ex per month and can store usable items in the storage (no large furniture) and for a very low price you can use items that we have installed. You can possibly pass on the entire rental price to your customer, so you also have something left over :)

Is there anyone who would be interested in this or do you know someone for whom this would be something? We are looking for 2 more people! Beginners are also very welcome! We'd love to hear it

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Bericht geplaatst door: Lisanne den Ouden
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Op: 17-08-2023 / 141 x bekeken
Categorie: overig
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