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Voordelige DCP laten maken?

Tristan van Doorn

Do you want to show your (short) film or documentary in a cinema soon? Then you probably need a Digital Cinema Package or a DCP. Even though you can now make a DCP yourself, this can still be quite a difficult job. In addition to the knowledge, you also need a sturdy computer and the necessary software and even if you know how to make your DCP yourself, you still have to check whether it really works. Unfortunately, it is still very expensive to have a DCP made at specialized companies.

Like you, I am a filmmaker by profession and to help other filmmakers I therefore offer the opportunity to make a DCP at an affordable price. I have now made dozens of DCPs for filmmakers like you. I check the DCP and it is 100% guaranteed to work in the cinema where you want to show your film, so you can show your film without any worries.

In addition, I have a special discount promotion until November 27, so if you need a DCP soon you can easily grab some extra benefits! For rates and more information, please visit https://vandoornav.nl/dcp-laten-maken/ and if you have any questions about DCPs you can always contact me!

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Bericht geplaatst door: Tristan van Doorn
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Op: 18-11-2023 / 115 x bekeken
Categorie: Bedrijven , Marktconforme betaling/vergoeding
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