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International production is on the look out for an actress

Kevin Heijnen

The SCP foundation is sending MTF Delta 4 in for a new mission. There have been reports of anomalies and missing people in the area. Delta 4's mission is to infiltrate the area as a scouting party to retrieve information about the anomaly and possibly the SCP as well. Their missions seemingly goes well until strange things start happening.

About the Production Team: We are a new, yet passionate team of filmmakers who want to make a good film which your fanbase will love and appreciate. Our goal is to make sure that everyone involved, on and off the screen, will have a good time and get recognized for their work.

Shooting in the Vitosha Mountains near Sofia, Bulgaria.

professionele productie / lowbudget

Sofia (Bulgaria)

Character description:
Tiffany Dalton is a camper who goes on a camping trip to the forest with her friends when she gets separated from the group as she is lured to a house in the middle of nowhere where her soul becomes a victim and an avatar for the malicious SCP. As a human she can be described as good hearted, young, innocent and naive. As an evil manifestation of the SCP she is brutal in her killing methods, disturbing and creepy. She likes to ‘’play with her food’’ mentally before she goes for the kill. She is able to infiltrate by displaying the traits of an innocent, confused and scared Tiffany to cover her true nature until it is too late for the victim to react. Tiffany is very expressive about her emotions, her intentions and her reactions with her body language, vocal and facial expressions.

7 days of shooting in Bulgaria. It is being planned to shoot in April or May with a possible delay to Fall of 2024.

Wat bieden wij?
We offer:
– A great opportunity to get acting experience and recognition in a famous creepy-pasta/horror/action franchise with a big and very passionate fanbase on an international level.
– Free food and drinks on set.
– Covered travel and housing expenses, if related to the work on the project.
– A full-blown party with the whole team working on the project at the end of shooting.

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Bericht geplaatst door: Kevin Heijnen
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Op: 21-11-2023 / 463 x bekeken
Categorie: Onkostenvergoeding (bv reisvergoeding) , 18-30 , Vrouw
Verloopt op: 31-12-2023
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