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Actors and actresses wanted - A Bastards Revenge

Ben Jordan Gunn

15-minute short student movie.
We are a small production team with a Director, producer (me), writer, editor, sound producer and cinematographer. We have a small budget to start with, which is mainly going to be used for equipment costs but we would cater for actors on shooting days and cover any travel expenses that may occur. Good English is a requirement.


The Hague

Marcellus - mid-twenties male drug dealer, medium build with a tough life background

Mike - mid-twenties male drug dealer with British heritage

Eddie - around 20years male, drug user, thin body type

Frances - around 20years female, Eddies girlfriend, thin body type - one scene

Older Lady - no specifics other than female and of older age - very small role where she drops her purse and a character will return it to her.

shooting starts on the 12th Dec (Approx 1 week).

Wat bieden wij?
We as the production company will of course own the rights to the movie however we are more than happy for actors to use the material for their professional gain as part of a portfolio, to approach potential employers, add as part of a showreel, via their social media channels etc. as long as they credit us as the production company and state they acted within the production and did not 'create' it.
All actors will be credited in the credits of the movie, in any marketing materials we make (teasers, posters and movie trailers) and via our social media platforms.

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Bericht geplaatst door: Ben Jordan Gunn
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Op: 25-11-2021 / 638 x bekeken
Categorie: Onkostenvergoeding (bv reisvergoeding) , 18-30 , 50+ , Man , Vrouw
Verloopt op: 10-12-2021
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