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keywords: lesson of artistic excellence at an accessible price

COMICS DRAWING With Martin Lodewijk and Henk Kuijpers April 2013 DOCUMENTARY MAKING With Heddy Honigmann and Pieter van Huystee March 2013 WRITING With Manon Uphoff and Thomas Rosenboom January 2013 SCENARIO WRITING With Robert Alberdingk Thijm and Tamara Bos October 2012 SONGWRITING With Martin Buitenhuis and Erik de Jong October 2012 FILM DIRECTION With Erik de Bruyn and Eddy Terstall 11-13 May 2012 ACTING With Katja Herbers and Gijs Scholten van Aschat 20-22 April 2012 DOCUMENTARY MAKING With Heddy Honigmann & John Appel 2-4 Feb 2012 ACTING With Monic Hendrickx and Peter Blok 25-27 Mar 2011 SONGWRITING With Huub van der Lubbe and Thomas Acda 11-13 Mar 2011 FILM DIRECTION With Paula van der Oest and Jos Stelling 4-6 Feb 2011 More on the site
An important teaching principle at the Flash Academy is the use of two teachers. Each of the teachers has a different approach. This gradually makes it clear that not only one way is the best, but that the combination of craft and finding one's own expression is the precondition for success as an artist. The fact that two teachers use their differences to enrich the transfer of their knowledge proves to be of great added value. This is especially evident when even the teachers leave with new insights afterwards. Aspects that are discussed are broadly: the creation of a work of art or artistic expression; the road between idea and implementation, but also, for example, pitfalls that can arise from a technical, substantive or practical point of view. The starting point is always that the treated material can be used within the workplace or on the shop floor.
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Documentary, Short film, Feature film, Theatre