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The Sound Republic

keywords: audio post-production, audio recording, editing, mixing

The Sound Republic is a sound studio specialized in post-production for:
- TV programs (entertainment & drama)
- documentaries & short films
- commercials & promos (TV & radio)
- corporate films
- voice recordings
- sound design (TV, software & grafic animations)

The studio also offers music recording and mixing.
The last twenty years i have worked on many primetime television programs (Ushi & The Family, Ushi & Loesie, Ali B op volle toeren, All you need is love, TV Makelaar, Hart in Aktie, Benelux' Next Top Model, ...) as well as on documantaries, drama productions, commercials and corporate films. Further i have a lot of experience in recording, editing and mixing music and in making sound logos/sound design.


Jan Oudegeeststraat 70
1069 KG Amsterdam
tel: 0640783839




Commercial, Documentary, Drama for Television / Series, Television