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Ippelstippel Company | Jolien:
telefoon: 0620677931

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Commercial, ENG / TV reports, Internet film, Television

Jolien Wansing

keywords: foodstyling, art direction, props,amp; props

IPPELSTIPPEL COMPANY - FOODSTYLING & ART DEPARTMENT Thanks to my experience in the art department (visualizing for images) and my love for cooking, I now combine food styling with furnishing! Think of tabletop styling, shopping for extra props that complete the look & feel of the picture, rental props from our own stock... and all this in combination with food / dishes. 2 disciplines in 1! If necessary I have a number of fine assistants at my disposal. As a freelance creative, I visualize concepts for various media expressions (television, commercials, online) and combine ART DEPARTMENT & FOODSTYLING In addition, I convert creative wishes and ideas into images.



Rob vd Voort Photography | food styling & tablet styling
Funda online | art direction
Gathering & Styling @ Lucy Beck | food styling
Dear Mom | set dresser
Mees Kees | set dresser
CoolBlue (tvc) | art direction
Asparagus Center Netherlands (tvc) | food styling
Hertog Jan | food styling
DNA (Talpa Fiction) | props
Neighbor & Neighbor (Linda.tv) | props
Plus Christmas (online) | art direction / tabletop styling
Christmas with the Kuijpers (Videoland) | set dresser
Gamma christmas commercial (tvc) | art direction
Playing with Food – Plus (online | foodstyling
Philips Pasta Maker (Online) | art direction
Plus Supermarket (tvc) | food dresser
Prudential (online USA) | art direction
Struijk (online) | art direction & food styling
Mora Snacks (online) | art direction & food styling
Municipality of Amsterdam Bicycle parking facilities (promo in cinema) | art direction
Plus BBQ (online) | art direction & food styling
Mora Snacks (online) | food styling
Really Not OK S02 | art direction
Plus | Food styling & Art direction
Central Medical Center S02 (Talpa Fiction) setdreser
Central Medical Center S01 (Talpa Fiction) setdresser
Milner | food styling
Miscellaneous | food styling
Mora | food styling
Phillips | art direction
Fonk Film - Diageao | food styling
NTR - Welcome to the 60s | props
ING | props
Menno Fokma - Haty Haty Parakeet (music video) | food styling
Barbara Suters - Vrumona
Khanna Reidinga | art direction
East & Young (music video)
Leen Bakker
Van Smaak - photography
A'dam-EVA S03 - block 1
Toyota | art direction
M Line | art direction
Kitchen competitor
Paco Raphael
Saturday night DRESS!
Kitchen Competitor
Miss Etam
Own House & Garden
Friday on Monday
Comedy Live
neon letters
Wire steel
Dr. Ellen
48H Film Project 2012 'The Pinto Edition'
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Art direction, foodstyling, tabletop styling, foodstyling, rekwisiteur / props buyer, setdresser
Specializations: - recipe development - tabletop styling - prop styling & prop shopping - I come up with styling for dishes & dishes for styling - I create 1 atmosphere, where both dishes and the layout of the location reinforce each other and connect seamlessly - 2 disciplines in 1


overige opleiding
Saxion University of Applied Sciences.
Art & Technology


Ippelstippel Company
Owner - art director & (food)stylist
Foei Productions
allround art department, productie art department