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Plastic Tolstoy

keywords: motiongraphics, 3d, and visual design

We are a digital design company for online, interactive and audiovisual media, based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Our DNA is firmly rooted in interactive media since the 90s. Today we design anything that moves in the digital realm.

Plastic Tolstoy is 100% guru free. We believe in clear communication, honesty, simple and effective functionality that feels “just right”, and the magic ingredient: FUN. We are all about solid design work for any purpose or audience.

Our core activities are: motiongraphics, 3d visualisation and animation, visual design, interaction design and all the creative direction and management necessary to bring it all together.

We create campaign sites, (adver)games, videobanners, tv commercials, presentations, 2d or 3d animations, tutorials, animated info-graphics, moving storyboards or animatics, visual effects/cgi. We bloody love games!
- Philips SensoTouch 3D campagne site voor Media Republic
- Philips Feel Different campagne site / advergame voor Media Republic
- Volvo Life on Board campagne site voor Euro RSCG 4D (won gouden en zilveren leeuwtjes in Cannes)
- Adidas Kicking It campagne site voor 180


animatie A bright unthreatening web site design with animations and flash elements for the soya drink.
overig An interactive quiz for guys to prove their mental sharpness by noticing the important details while interacting with sexy girls in distracting situations. Fail, you get a cold shower.
overig A happy and colorful design for the dutch ice cream brand's site.
overig Four smooth slow motion video situations (think 90 degrees fake bullet time) for the KPN Mobile Data product page and various "uitzending gemist" pre-rolls.
overig An audiovisual game / campaign site for KPN's "Dongel" product.
animatie Funny but brutal 3D animated fights between different flavors of chips made for a campaign flash site of Lays made by Red Urban. People can design and name their own unique flavor and let it fight against all the other flavours. Guest can vote for their preference and see the battles.
animatie A simple but hectic retro game based on the decathlon games of the 80s. People could compete on 3 games with big fat animals: fast running with a giant tortoise, far jumping with a hippopotamous and diving with a sea lion.
animatie An audiovisual advergame / campaign site for the Philips Nivea for Men Shaver
animatie An interactive and true 3D campaign site for the Philips SensoTouch 3D shaver. The stylistic appartent is watchable with anaglyph 3D glasses (cyan/red) for a true 3D experience. If you don't have the glasses you can switch back to the 2D content (which looks better imho). The site also contains...
overig An interactive personality test built in flash, to be beamed on windows of the IT's electronics store. Shoppers could click on the objects by touching the glass. A special infra-red camera detects the shadows of the finger and interprets those as mouseclicks. The test was also installed on touch...
animatie A large campaign site for the Life on Board campaign of 2005. The site included a number of films/documentaries and a boatload of photography. The site was accompanied by several expandable flash banners..


Stadhouderskade 83A
1073AT Amsterdam




Animation, Commercial, Internet film