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telefoon: 0641240027

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Drama film, ENG / TV reports, Short film

Carlo Slats

keywords: actor, host, model.

All-round actor with presentation experience. Available full time for drama, corporate, commercial or training work.

In short, I am a versatile actor of 39 years old with a slightly younger appearance, playing age 30-40 years. Positive and representative, but I can also portray an asshole or criminal.
Stable text, strong mimicry / non-verbal expression, experience with improvisation.


showreel 3x dialoog, korte clipjes uit overig werk.


Supporting role in short film Devilish Love (2018)
Supporting role in Serious Game MediaMasters (2018)
Supporting role in graduation film Kappa (Rietveld, 2018)
Lead role in short film Aurelia (2016)
Role in short film Double Standards (English spoken, 2016)
Leading role in short film Papadag (2015)
bit part extra in feature film Rokjesdag (2015)
Supporting role in short film Arcadia (2015)
Lead role in short film Viral (2015)
Leading role in graduation film The Potato Eaters (2015)
Supporting role in short film Routine (2015)
Supporting role in feature film The Book of Mikey (2014)
Lead role in short film The Mad Man (English spoken, 2014)
Leading role in short film Home on the road (2013)
Lead role in graduation film A Second Chance (2013)
Leading role in short film Lichtfall (2012)

Corporate / Training / Commercial:
Campaign film Pension Three Days (2019)
Training videos WeCycle (2019)
TVC Etos Summer (2019)
Campaign film UDAPT (2019)
Leading role in video presentation Future of Healthcare by Univ. Louvain (2019)
Leading role in Dutch Language video lesson package (2018-19)
Corporate Reports for video series BDO Next (2018-19, internal use)
Commercial PostNL, Digital Stamp (2018)
Instructional films for OLVG Amsterdam and MMC Eindhoven (2018)
Praxis training film (2018, internal use)
TVC Primera (2018)
Online Commercial Skoda (2018)
Product Movies for Xindao (2018)
Campaign film (2018)
Online commercial Qurrent (2018)
Instruction film CPR with AED (2017-2018)
Royal Netherlands Marechaussee training film (2017, internal use)
PostNL training film (2017, internal use)
Promotional film Amore Pot Plants (2017)
Campaign film Risky Play for (2017)
Introduction film Escape World (2016)
Instruction film / E-learning Red Cross (2016)
Training film Arrest and Investigation Teams Police (2015, internal use)
TVC Chamber of Commerce (2015)
E-learning for Ministry of V&J (2015)
Online video Ikea Emoticons (2015)
The best is yet to come.. ;)
vraag mij voor
Rollen in drama- en corporate films, presentatiewerk, commercieel modellenwerk.
I also have some experience behind the camera and a journalistic background.
Quickly understand the purpose of a production and can empathize not only with my role, but also with the people I work with.