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AVID Editing Suite for rent

We have a new facility in the heart of Almere Stad. We offer Avid Media Composer / Avid Symphony / Avid Protools in a 'next generation like' hardware configuration.

You can edit with or without editor short and long projects. We offer an affordable solution with high quality output to 10 bits 4:4:4 playback of finished material.

Availability of keyboard only configuration, Wacom Touch tablet, Avid transport, Avid Mix and Avid Color if preferred.

Thunderbolt Promise Pegasus Raid with hot swappable disks to protect your footage and provided max speed, but Raid zero is available upon request.

Sony 10 bits professional monitor for color correction with Symphony and monitoring from the editor.

We have selected and top of the line freelancers available as well as a dedicated team for sound desing, scores and all original tracks your project needs.

AVID Mobile Editing Suite for rent

This configuration is suitable for editing/fihishing, on set, on location or your home. A powerful combination in three flight cases that contains all hardware and software as well as a foldable desk that aligns with the other two flightcases on the sides to provide you with the space needed to position all you need.

An ideal scenario would be a project where you need portability with the maximum broadcast quality possible.

If you are a producer, director, DP or indie filmmaker and need a powerful editing/finishing system where you are, this is the best hardware you will be able to rent.

We can adapt the system to any situation and even install Final Cut Pro X or CS6 if you prefer. However we have all of this installed with Avid Media Composer, Avid Symphony, and Smoke. Just let us know which one you want and we will provide you with the hardware and software in a mobile solution.

It can be rented for a day, week, a month or any time you need it.

Give as a call to find out more or book an appointment to discuss about your project needs.
New business in the Dutch market, however owner has 20 years experience as an editor in Argentina, USA, UK. and Spain.
Radio Netherlands Multimedia Department, Various singers/bands.

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We are proud to offer high-end editing/finishing Avid Media Composer/Symphony editing suites to edit anywhere. This is offered with or without an editor and in all cases all equipment is transported in three flight cases by one of our technical assistants. Request a quotation to edit home, in...



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