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Animatie, Commercial, Documentaire, Drama

Wiebe Boorsma

keywords: componist, sounddesigner

muzikant/componist/sounddesigner voor alle media projecten


The Actuary muziek
Soundtrack for the feature in development "The Actuary"
The Museum Of Humanity muziek
Score for a photography project trailer "Museum Of Humanity"
The Wondrous Journey Of Little Sophie muziek
Score for the teaser trailer of the feature "The Wondrous Journey"


opdrachtfilm Trailer voor levenswerk van fotograaf Ruben Timman, documentair fotograaf
animatie Teaser for the animated feature "The Wondrous Journey Of Little Sophie", which is currently in development
drama Zol'a is a short film of 18 minutes about a 9 year old Kurdish girl from Hawler,who is trying to find peace. After being cast out by family friends and society she tries to think of ways to restore the family honor..... I made the credit song and part of the music in the film including the opening...
hele film
commercial Bol.com "Vrouwen" commercial
drama "Broken obsessions". is a short story about a love-hate relationship between a woman and a man ending up being her victim with some classical film noir elements. Finalist selection best original filmscore International MASA Film Festival 2014 Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner...
commercial KNGF commercial
animatie "Zo zie je maar" is an animated children series about typical dilemma's children have. The 11 episodes (4 min.) were broadcasted for three months in the well known chlidrens breakfast show VILLA ACHTERWERK by the VPRO. I did music and sounddesign. The show was voted number 6 of the best children...


-filmtrailer "Museum Of Humanity 2018 (muziek, sounddesign, mixage)
-Documentaire "Humanity" 2018 (muziek, sounddesign, mixage)
-Online commercial NIKON "Photographer/ Urban Birding" 2018 (muziek, sounddesign mixage)
-Feature Filmtrailer "The Wondrous journey Of Little Sophie" 2017 (muziek, sounddesign)
-TV Commercial VGZ Zinnige zorg (2x) 2017 en 2018 (componist)
-TV Commercial BOL.COM 'Moederdag' 2015 (componist)
-TV Commercial BOL.com 'Alles Kids' 2014 (componist)
-TV Commercial BOL.com 'Vrouwen' 2014 (componist)
-TV Commercial 'Roosvicee Manifesto' 2014 (componist)
-Broken obsessions-SHORT (componist en sounddesign).
-BEESTY BOYS-VPRO de familie (componist/sounddesign)
-ZO ZIE JE MAAR animatieserie VILLA ACHTERWERK 2013 (componist en sounddesigner).
-TV commercial KNGF geleidehonden 2013 (componist)
-SHORT ZOL'A (componist /sounddesigner).
-speelfilm Milo 2012 (assistent componist)
-Occupie toneelstuk 2012 (componist).
-TV commercial Danoontje 2012 (componist)
-TV commercial Mediq 2011 (componist)
-THE WONDROUS JOURNEY OF LITTLE SOPHIE-TEASER (nominated best original score for a filmtrailer in the international MUSIC AN SOUND AWARDS)
-BROKEN OBSESSIONS (top 5 wereldwijde short competitie beste filmscore 2014 Music and Sound Awards (MASA))
-Roosvicee TVC Manifesto Maandverkiezing Gouden Loekie
-ZOL'A 2012 (screening at 1st INTERNATIONAL DUHOK FILMFESTIVAL, nominated KURDISH YOUTH FESTIVAL, screening at PORTUGESE/DUTCH SHORT FESTIVAL); music, sounddesign and postproduction.
-MAARTEN 2010 (shortlisted to last 10 CINESTUD FESTIVAL 2010, screening at BREAKING GROUND 2010, Rookieprize BEELDBUISFESTIVAL 2010); music, sounddesign and postproduction.


-ZO ZIE JE MAAR 2013 (critical acclaim viewers, voted number 6 best series ever on VAN HIER TOT TOKIO (VILLA ACHTERWERK); music, sounddesign and postproduction.
vraag mij voor
(korte) speelfilm, documentaire, TV serie, commercial, animatie
eigen studio
hardware kennis
alles wat nodig is voor acoustische, electrische en electronische muziekproductie
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