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KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival

keywords: the klik! foundation is all about animation.

The KLIK! foundation is a national and international force in provocative quality animation. With the festival as KLIK!'s flagship, and other exciting activities happening in its wake, we bring our passion for and knowledge of animation to a wide audience. With different themes each year we’re not just entertaining our visitors, we’re also trying to make them think about larger issues at play in society. At the same time, KLIK! functions as a platform, knowledge hub and catalyst for the sector.

KLIK! treats animation as an independent art form instead of treating it as a genre of film and aims to make the medium of animation, in the broadest sense of the word, accessible to a wider audience in fresh and exciting new ways to stimulate the emancipation of the medium as a fully realized art form. To this end, KLIK! has organized the annual KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival since its inception in 2007 and a host of other activities throughout the year. Throughout the years KLIK! has evolved into a brand with international allure and range. The activities organized by KLIK! have become events where anyone who is interested in animation gathers and meets with likeminded souls and have created a growing community where animation professionals and animation lovers meet and enjoy the medium together.


Haparandadam 7-5
1013AK Amsterdam
tel: 0208202118