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Commercial, Drama film, Short film, Theatre

Karianne Henkel

keywords: (training) actor, theater maker, model, director

Professional theater maker, actor and training actor (see CV).


Work experience film Period: 2012 - present Position: actor (company films, internal use) Clients: V&D, Shoeby fashion, Police, Costes, Tax and Customs Administration, Erasmus MC Work experience theater Period: 2013 – present Position: theater maker/actor at Bouman&Henkel Performances: 2015 'Bouman&Henkel making Friends' (Amsterdam Fringe Festival, Ruwe Diamant Festival Amsterdam, Peeping at the Buren Houten) 2014 'HOME' Winner public award Amsterdam Fringe 2014 (Amsterdam Fringe Festival, RRRReuring Podium Mozaïek) 2013 'Waiting for the bomb' (Waterliniefestival) 2013 'Helsblauw ' (Delft Fringe) Period: 2014 - 2014 Position: actor at Spelt//deBoer Performance: 'It's already a quarter to four but it still feels so early' (director: Merijn Spelt) (Brainwash Festival, Amsterdam Fringe Festival) Work experience training actor Period: 2012 – present Position: training actor (junior & senior), co-trainer, independent actor, mystery guest, persona, working in training, assessments, (interactive) company theatrics er and theater interventions Clients: Actors agency Kapok, Bureau Control, Rainbow group, Luniek Training & Acteurs, Plan A actors, Salsaparilla, Act Inc. Work experience model Period: 2012 – present Function: model (photo) Clients: Amsterdam Fringe Festival (poster image), Liander (Persona, internal use)
Winner audience award Amsterdam Fringe 2014, performance: HOME by Bouman&Henkel