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My name is Tommy Ferraz. I’ve been working in radio for almost twenty years as a DJ and voice over in Spain. I have recorded countless radio promos and commercials. I was the official voice of a Spanish young radio station for three years and the official “Spanglish” voice of BBC Radio 1 in Ibiza for three summers in a row, both in Spanish and English with a Spanish accent.

My voice is upbeat, energetic, casual, hard selling for your radio or TV commercials. However if you need something more calmed for an eLearning project or an explanatory corporate video, my voice can pace down. Giving you a very clear understandable, warm informative tone.

I currently live in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. If you are in the region I would love to record in your studio and follow the instructions of your clients attending the recording session. Let’s make them have a memorable fun time!


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