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Brian Acteur

keywords: acteur, model, presentator, voice-over

This story began when i was about ten years old. Doing impersonations of people and quoting all the time.
Doing some musical parts. Then one day it hits me. I want to be an actor!

It al started out with small projects of roles like tv series Spangas, Heer en Meester, Caps Club.
After that commercials and bigger parts and more theater.
In 2014/2015 i’ve done the theatershow ‘All Inclusive’ were i played an Italion guy called Mario who worked in a hotel.
Lots of fun but it was time for something more professional.
This year in 2016 i’ve played in the theaterplay ‘Mother courage and her Children’ with the Inplayers Drama group at the Polanen Theater, Amsterdam. Also a theater production on location as a soldier during an event at Fort Benoorden Spaarndam.

In the last few years i’ve gain some Auto Cue, presenter and photoshoot experience.
I also am a filmmaker now. By now i’ve made three own movies. A Breaking Bad fan film and 2 Sinterklaas movies.
Besides that i love doing voice-over work. I helped out with the television movie ‘Sunny side up’ , the movie ‘Fataal’ and the american movie ‘Brimstone.

Productions i liked very much was Michiel de Ruyter (The Admiral) , The Hitmans Bodyguard and Sense 8.
What i also liked was playing a soldier a few times. One of them was during 48 hours film project Nijemegen 2016.
By now i’ve done 48 hours 4 times and i love it! In the future i want to them a lot!

I’m at a point where i can say i have a great deal of experience like theater , short movies, Future lenth movies, commercials and much more like Star Trek Dark Armada, The Impossible date, Bad Trip, A little love story and much more.

Another thing that was great this year was the French Movie Gangsterdam.
I played one of the maffia henchman that guarded the son of Rutger Hauer.
For that part i took gun lessons. Great time!

Let’s not forget i’ve had some great acting lessons like De Toneelmeester by Hugo Konings and
Set Academy from Kimberley Klaver, Guido Spek and more!

For now this is my story.
I’m hoping for a lot of fun new parts.
Make sure you check out my portfolio and showreel.
Let’s talk soon!


NANO 48 hours - best production design, best promotion, nominated best cinematography.
Bad Trip - Best short film, nominated ziggo talent award (scenecs film festival)