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telefoon: 0575-512755

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Drama film, Theatre

Leonard Beuger

keywords: drama teacher, director

I had my drama training in Kampen and Zwolle (HvdK Constantijn Huygens, now ArtEZ) 1995-1998. Before that, I already worked as a drama teacher in secondary education (40 years of experience). Since then I have worked for a long time with groups of amateurs, including the theater association Bilderdijk in Markelo and Mooi Geweest in Zutphen. In addition, I occasionally give game courses to doctors, teachers and marriage officials. Since my retirement from teaching, I try to play as much as possible myself, for example in performances and corporate films. At the moment (summer and autumn 2023) I play the role of Martini in a production of One flew over the cuckoo's nest at the Weertheater in Zutphen.
In addition to my work as a drama teacher and director, I am a literary translator (including Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt and PG Wodehouse)


Geluk in de Morgen (PG Wodehouse) Hoofdstuk 1 voice - accents
Een hoofdstuk uit een luisterboek van de Modern Dutch Podcast




Done dozens of amateur and school projects as a director. Jumped out, among other things
Hotel De Twee Werelden by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt, Family by Maria Goos, Home by Hugo Claus, Uncle Vanya by Tjekhov, Adel Blank by Alex van Warmerdam, TWO by Jim Cartwright and The Day the Whores Came to Play Tennis by Kopit.
Played as an actor in recent years in, among other things, the performance Blue Tired Heroes by Massimo Furlan during SPRING Utrecht 2017 and occasionally in a corporate film.
I have also worked as a voice actor (for children's books by Jan Jutte) and have a podcast, Modern Dutch, in which I read stories by PG Wodehouse every week.


De Modern Dutch Podcast brengt elke week een verhaal of hoofdstuk uit een boek van de Engelse humoristische schrijver P.G. Wodehouse in mijn eigen nieuwe vertaling. De meeste van die vertalingen zijn in de afgelopen paar jaar ook in boekvorm verschenen bij Uitgeverij IJZER in Utrecht.