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Commercial, Lange speelfilm, Televisieprogramma, Theater / Stage

Agustin Gutierrez

keywords: production, operations manager

Goal-driven Producer and Director of Operations with broad experience in fast-paced, international and high-tech environments. Working in mass events and films since 17 years ago. Most relevant production jobs are Metallica in Antarctica, The Bicentennial Festivities of Mexico 2010, Open Free Rock Festivals in Mexico, 2008 Olympic Games Beijing, and the Olympic Asian Indoor Games 2017.

Expert in production scheduling, quality management, cost control, film, movies, and series.

Doing concerts and festivals like Lollapalooza, Vive Latino, and Corona Capital, as the Director of Production and Operations for the live streaming, broadcasting and signals area made me a pioneer in technology based on fibre optics, satellite connections, solar panels and server peer to peer distribution.

As a Senior Film Producer at Mediamonks, I was in charge of finding partners and companies Worldwide. Control budget and film in different countries.


Saudi national Day 2019 televisie / 90 min. / Balich Worldwide Shows / Anghela Alo
Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games 2017 televisie / 96 min. / Olympic Games / Ashgabat / Marco Balich
Hp Worldwide campaing 2018 commercial / Heist Brothers
The Exorcist 2015 commercial / 28 min. / Ruppert Wyatt
Paul McCartney On the Road 2012 commercial / 90 min. / Live Streaming / Diego Alvarez
productiemanager / technical director
Beijing Olympic Campaing 2007 commercial / .5 min. / Mario Muñoz
American Made 2016 drama / 90 min. / Doug Liman
assistent productieleiding
Metallica 2013 drama / 120 min. / Director of Operations and Production
technical director
Buscando a Larissa 2011 drama / Andres Pardp
productieleider / productiemanager
Fenix Film Awards 2014 theater / 90 min. / Fenix Films
producent / technical director





I have worked as a Line producer, production manager and production coordinator throughout my career. I have done major Hollywood films as well as big rock touring concerts, festivals, and events. I have vast experience working across the globe in such diverse venues as Mexico, USA, Latin America, China and the South Pole where I recently produced Metallica´s concert 'Musica Zero'. I have been the Head of production and operations for one of the largest and most dynamic production company and agency in Mexico and Latin-America.
University degree in Psychology with specialization in Social Psychology and social behaviour at the Universidad Iberoamericana campus Santa Fe, Mexico City.

Winner for The Guinness record for Metallica in Antarctica, first rock band to perform in all continents being Antarctica the last frontier.

The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2014 for Casa de la Amistad - 'The Hair Fest' helping kids with cancer.
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International Studio Film
Film Features
Live Concert
Commercial Production Services
Live streaming
TV Series
Director of Operations and production
International Production Coordinator
Seasoned film manager
hardware kennis
Arri 2019 Certified online training for camera systems
software kennis
Expert in Word, Excel, Adobe Reader, Keynote & PowerPoint. Expert in Production Report Portals such as Doczilla, TVbyFox and Scenechronize. Proficient with Photoshop and Illustrator. Great knowledge of Ep Budgeting, Ep scheduling. Know my way around AutoCAD, Final Cut, Audition, Bridge, Adobe Premiere.


During my 17 years of career as a goal-driven production and operations specialist, I have had the opportunity to work in fast-paced, international, high-tech environ- ments across the globe on films, events, and concerts. Learning and growing in the digital era, made me a pioneer in such...