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Corporate film, Documentary, ENG / TV reports

Mariette Sontag

keywords: camjo, filmmaker, director, camera and edting

I make images that move (you): I use film as a powerful medium to tell stories. That is my ambition as a storyteller and image maker.
Telling stories of organizations and their people about what moves and motivates them. Translating content and meaning into moving images and sound that convince, captivate and bind the viewer.
In this way I help organisations, companies or professionals and freelancers to powerfully bring their own story or message to the world through film.
As an independent filmmaker and camjo I have everything in one hand: I film, direct, interview, edit and produce. And where necessary, I deploy specialists from my network. This way my client has one point of contact and the lines are short and direct. I have my own film and editing equipment.
In addition to commissioned films, I make my own work as an independent filmmaker: short documentaries and portraits, mainly about art & culture, human interest and social themes.
In March 2017 I started FILM POWER. I was trained as a filmmaker and camera journalist at Open Studio in Amsterdam (Camjo training 2016-2017).
I also work(ed) as a teacher and program maker at Lenteson. Previously I completed courses at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy and Leiden University.