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Korte film, Lange speelfilm, Videokunst / Experimenteel

Jan P. Smith

keywords: cinematographer, unit still photographer, film director

Jan P. Smith has been working in a variety of positions in the film- and television industry since 2006, sometimes as cast member but mainly (technical) crew. He moved to the United States after being offered a job as host and presenter for NCL. By the end of 2012, while living in New York, he specialized in photography and still imagery used in combination with cinematography aspects like lighting, grading and art direction. In the following years he gradually made a shift to being a director and producer.

In the early and mid ‘90s when videoclips for musicians had their peak in the Mtv era his interest grew to eventually make steps into combining visionary images with music. Cinematography and photography apart, this led him to direct multiple short films from 2015 and onward. Since 2018 he started to experiment with ideas to shift the world of traditional movie story telling into a music driven visual experience and vice versa, not only limited by silver screens and monitors but also by using live performances and/or technical driven light shows.


Perdition (48HFP): Director
Karasu (48HFP): Director
The Bigger They Are... (48HFP): Director
Ms. Sippi (48HFP): Director
Fammilieportreten (48HFP): Unit Stills Photographer
Raging Warrior (48 HFP): Unit Stills Photographer
Raging Blood (48 HFP): Unit Stills Photographer
Silence over Da Nang (48 HFP): Director
Brimstone: Voice Actor
Das Tagebuch der Anne Frank: Actor
Super Wings: Voice Actor
Achter Gesloten Deuren: Actor
Moordvrouwen: Actor
Gooische Vrouwen: Actor
Best Editing (Nominee) (Perdition) (48 Hour Film Project Rotterdam 2020)
Best Use of Prop (Nominee) (Ms. Sippi) (48 HFP Rotterdam 2019)
Best Actress (Nominee) (Ms. Sippi) (48 HFP Rotterdam 2019)
Best Acting Ensemble (Winner) (Raging Blood) (48 HFP Eindhoven 2018)
Best Use of Line (Nominee) (Silence over Da Nang) (48HFP Rotterdam 2018)
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Jan Smith is specialized and has a profound interest in period themed projects like the 30's or 40's, the American West and different war era's.
The cinematography of Jan Smith is often distinguished by the use of soft highlights in high contrast and dim lit scenes, characteristic for when only color negative film was being used, giving scenes a typical analog approach.
Fujifilm X-T10
Fujifilm X-E1
Fujifilm X-F1
Fujifilm X-A3
Canon EOS 1100D
Canon EOS 6D
Canon FTB QL (Film)
Canon EOS 650 (Film)
Canon AV-1 (Film)
Canon 3000 (Film)
Pentax Super ME (Film)
Seagull 4B-1 (Medium Format Film)
software kennis
Davinci Resolve
Capture One Pro
Nik Collection