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Drama film, Short film, Drama for Television / Series, Theatre

Anna Carolina Campos Marques

keywords: professional actress, dancer

Professional actress and dancer with a bachelor's degree in performing arts from the University of Brasília - UnB - Brazil. Since 2015 she has been working professionally as an actress in film, theater and TV. In 2019, she moved to Amsterdam, Netherlands, where she participated as an actress in short films, advertising campaigns, VO, and plays, in the languages: English (fluent), Dutch (b1 level) and Spanish (fluent) In 2018, she participated from the cast of the movie "Presos que menstruam" directed by Alisson Sbrana (BRAZIL) as an actress - protagonist; film selected for the Câmara Award (2018) at the 51 Brasília Festival of Brazilian Cinema, where she won the "Best Actress" Trophy, and the following year she won in the same category at the Five Continents International Film Festival in Venezuela. In 2017, she participated as an actress in the audiovisual work “Deu Trelelê na family SA” directed by Catarina Accioly and William Ferreira - selected for the Sesc Teatro Candango Prize in 2017. In 2019, participated as an actress in the 14th Prague Quadrennial , in the Czech Republic, as part of the official program of the event with the performance Drawing Narratives Experience: from sand to light directed by Sonia Paiva. In addition, she works as an actress with the company of the Orange Theater Company in the Netherlands and makes her own independent works as an actress


drama Drama film "Presos que Menstruam" Beste Actrice - 51 Brasilia Festival of Brazilian Cinema (2019)**


Best Actress - "Presos que Menstruam" - 51 Brasilia Festival of Brazilian Cinema (2019) Best Actress - "Presos que Menstruam" - Five Continents Film Festival (2019)