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Mikela Koressi

keywords: directing, cinematography, editing

Recently graduated from Amsterdam University College with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours Programme), majoring in Film.

My two passions in life are film and photography. Through my work, I like to encourage my audience to pay closer attention and observe the world around them. We all lead extremely busy lives and we always tend to forget to stop, take a deep breath and appreciate the small things that are happening around us. We all lead extremely different lives and we always tend to forget to be curious about the people around us and their views and habits of everyday life. Through my filmmaking and photography, I want to bring that idea to the forefront and emphasize the peculiarities and small details that make up the world around us.


hele film
drama Three neighbours are interviewed about their daily lives.
documentaire A found footage essay on the commodification of music festivals.
drama A dream of a couples final conversation.
drama What happens to a person's mind when they think they are trapped in an apartment.


A Study of Parallels and Losing Touch are my most important productions.
vraag mij voor
Short Films, Documentaries, Still Photography, Feature length films, Commercials.
software kennis
I mainly work with DaVinci Resolve but can also operate Premiere Pro and Adobe.


Aegean Film Festival