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[adresgegevens alleen zichtbaar voor ingelogde gebruikers]

telefoon: +31626693410


my companies


Corporate film, Commercial, Documentary, ENG / TV reports

Dave Frederking

keywords: location sound, sound man and sound post-processing

Senior sound engineer (location) in possession of own equipment and studio for sound post-processing


Oases in the Orient S1 + S2 • Oases in the Low Countries • From Atlas to Arabia • From Nablus to Nineveh • From Nineveh to Nazareth • Jesus of Nazareth • X Machines, Zembla • Nieuwsuur • The Phone - Peter R. de Vries - Canon • My Heritage • Bijenkorf • Beter Bed • FonQ • Nintendo • Mango Experience • Kruidvat • Chamber of Commerce • Tom Tom • Zwitsal • Citroen • Philips • Dettol • Oranjefonds
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Locatie geluid opname en weergave
Multitrack opname
Multitrack zendertechniek
MS stereo
Geluidsnabewerking | Pro Tools ultimate
Verborgen camera/geluidstechniek
Multitrack recording
Multitrack transmitter technology
MS stereo
Complicated recording in terms of technique
Aaton Cantar mini, digital audio recorder
Aaton, auxiliary mix buses and automixing option
Aaton A-Box 8, control box
Sound Devices 788T-SSD, digital audio recorder
Sound Devices CL-8, control panel
Midas Venice 160, mixing console
Schoeps CMIT-5U, shotgun mic
Schoeps CCM-41, super cardioid mic
Schoeps CCM-8, figure eight mic
Audio Technica BP-4029, stereo shotgun mic
Neumann KM-184, cardioid mic
Elektro Voice RE50, handheld mic
Cinela PIA-1, windshield kit
Cinela Zephyx, windshield kit
Rycote WS-2, windshield kit
Rycote WS-3, windshield kit
Panamic Mini-5 100/400, carbon boom
Panamic Mini-5 080/300, carbon boom
5 x Shure ADX5D, digital receiver
8 x Shure ADX1M, digital transmitter
2 x Shure ADX1, digital transmitter
1 x Shure ADX2/K9HS, wireless microphone
1 x Shure AD3, plug-on transmitter
1 x Shure AD610, showlink access point
2 x Shure SBC210, accupack charger
1 x Shure SBM910, accupack charger
1 x Shure SBM920, accupack charger
2 x Shure SBC840, ethernet 8-bay charger
1 x Shure Twinplex TL45/black, lavalier mic
1 x Shure Twinplex TL45/white, lavalier mic
4 x Shure Twinplex TL45/beige, lavalier mic
4 x Shure Twinplex TL46/beige, lavelier mic
2 x Shure Twinplex TL48/black, lavalier mic
2 x Shure Twinplex TL48/white, lavalier mic
6 x Sanken COS-11D/black, lavalier mic
2 x Sanken COS-11D/white, lavalier mic
2 x Sennheiser SK 500 G4, wireless system – IFB
6 x Sennheiser EK IEM G4, wireless system – IFB
1 x Sennheiser EK 100 G4, wireless system
2 x Shure UA874us, active directional antenna
2 x Betso Bowtie, wideband antenna
1 x BSRF AS62, active antenna splitter
4 x Tentacle original, timecode lockit
4 x Tentacle Sync E, timecode lockit
1 x Ambient ACL-204, timecode lockit
3 x Aquapac waterproof radio mic case small
2 x Beyer Dynamic DT 770 Pro, headphones
4 x Swit S-8080S, v-lock battery
2 x Swit S-3822S, v-lock charger
5 x Audioroot eSmart battery
1 x Audioroot eSmart dual charger
2 x Fostex 6301, active personal monitor
Apple MacBook Air M2, laptop
Kupo Master 30″, C-Stand/sliding leg
Boom-boy + gobo, accessoires
Adicam, filmcart