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keywords: markleider in postproductie

Filmmore is a leading postproduction company in the Netherlands & Belgium, providing services exclusively for feature films, television drama and documentaries. Founded by filmmakers in 2006, we have created the kind of postproduction company where we would want to work ourselves. Yes, we have state-of-the-art equipment and software: Arriscan, Baselight, Maya, Nuke and all that jazz. Yes, we have efficient workflows, renderfarms and data handling. But even more so, we care about film and we have the people that can bend technology into creativity.
Just like you, we are aiming to make something beautiful.


Entrepotdok 66
1018 AD Amsterdam
tel: 020 5309696




Documentaire, Korte film, Lange speelfilm, Televisie drama / Dramaserie