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telefoon: 0681 168996


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Lange speelfilm, Commercial, Televisieprogramma, Videoclip, Televisie drama / Dramaserie

Chuck Borden

keywords: stunt coordinator, director, producer

24 years experience and over 300 film and television credits. Recently moved to Holland from Hollywood and looking to get started here. Worked on shows from ultra-low budget to mega budget blockbuster films and TV show.


Too many to list, partial credits include; Independence Day, Eraser, Scream 3, Hannah Montana the Movie, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Star Trek (Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager), Nash Bridges, Reno 911, and many music videos and commercials.
Nominated for a Dove Award (Music Video) for "I Will" by Donna McAfee (Director/Producer), stunt coordinator for "Thirteen", multiple awards including nominated for an Oscar and stunt coordinator for Academy Award winning film "Gods and Monsters".
Action director for both film and television. Director including or excluding stunts.
hardware kennis
camera operator (primarily action sequences), lighting and grip experience
software kennis
Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere