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telefoon: +31655752023


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Short film, Documentary, Internet film, Television, Experimental, ENG / TV reports, Drama film

Rogier Frensdorf

keywords: director, cameraman

Started in 1985 as a program maker at the AVRO From 87 to 90 science films produced at the UvA From 91 to 95 cameraman and own productions Van 95/96 VPRO Waskracht. In 97 as 'Cycloop reporter' at afternoon edition (VARA NPS VPRO) Cameraman Program maker at AT5 Here I specialized as a sports cameraman. After that I focused on camjo documentaries and giving film and communication training. I worked at Teleac/Not Works at Leo de later Communications Now works for De Filmboutique



Public Woman (Documentary Direction) Baarsjes Belevenissen (Documentary Direction) Rent a Friend Hufters and Hofdames Danny de Junk(Director) Bietsers (Director)
2009 NOT filmeducation Propaganda, filmeducation nomination NIF (Dutch IInstitute Filmeducation) 2006 IFF Berlin Publieke Woman,55' camjo documentary. Manama Productions 2000 Cinema Digital The elderly elevator, short documentary, NIM (Netherlands Media Art Institute) Paradiso, Amsterdam. 1997 Utrecht film days Danny de Junk, Bietsers and Lift, short feature film and documentaries, NPS evening of the short film. 1990 Meervaart video festival De Drang, short feature film, 2nd prize. 1989 Meervaart video festival 'll be around, video clip, 2nd prize.
The combination of camera and directing and interviewing. Directing presenters, have also presented myself. I approach projects conceptually and creatively.
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