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Mijnheer Renske

keywords: visual artist • object animator

visual artist • object animator

working both on autonomous projects as well as for clients, preferably in the field of sustainability, nature, art, culture and education

curious exploring the magic of reality, treasure hunting for stories

my favorite artist is the universe - master of creation beyond our imagination
object animation
Food Film Festival, EMI, &Maes, Stichting Urgenda, Stichting De Vrolijkheid, RoodNoot, Oerol festival, Clic, TipSpot, K&S ontwerpers, Bijenkorf, Vara


hele film
animatie "When the world comes together at an event like the FIFA World Cup 2010, there's typically more than just a trophy at stake. In South Africa, the country hosting this year's tournament, race relations surely stand out as one of the more complex issues. In this stop-motion short, titled Go South...
animatie Music video of the first single of Robin Block's debut album Comfort Zones. The song deals with the sense of out-of-placeness and the search for comfort in the most impossible environments. The video was shot entirely in stop motion, partially in our hometown Amsterdam and partially in the spooky...


Burgemeester de Vlugtlaan 125
1063 BJ Amsterdam
tel: 0614599368




Animatie, Videoclip, Videokunst / Experimenteel